Core: setting the analogue input sensitivity

How to find out which value to use for Core analogue input sensitivity

Core input sensitivity switch will set the maximum analogue input level. It should be set to match the maximum analogue output level of your source (interface, speaker controller, mixer).. This value may differ from a manufacturer to the other but will often be in the top values for pro equipment (+ 18 dBu / + 24 dBu) and in the lower levels for consumer equipment (+4, 0 or less)  

It is crucial to set the correct value to avoid overloads, distortion, clicks and artifacts which could eventually damage some parts of the amps or the drivers.

Please check the technical specifications of the device connected to the Core's and check its maximum analogue output level. 

The value usually stands in dBu and will correspond to the max analogue output when the level reaches 0 dB FS in the digital domain.  

If you can 't find the value, please get in touch with your interface manufacturer.

Below is an example for a popular pro interface: 


On the Core, set the switch to he closest superior value. For the above example, Core switch should be set +24 dBu.