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What are my playback options from Mac to Dynaudio Music?

From Mac, you have multiple options to play to a Dynaudio Music speaker. Below is a list of your options.

AirPlay (Wi-Fi)

  • To play via AirPlay, you first need to connect your Dynaudio Music speaker to Wi-Fi. When the speaker is connected, you will find the speaker under sound output devices.
  • The speaker will also be available in iTunes, from where you can play locally stored music or music from Apple Music, if you subscribe.
  • If you haven’t connected your speaker to Wi-Fi, see here how to connect from Mac.

Spotify Connect

  • To play via Spotify Connect, simply open the Spotify client, tap the “Listening on” icon in lower right corner and select your Dynaudio Music speaker.


  • Bluetooth works independently of Wi-Fi and can, therefore, be used everywhere. Pair your Mac with your Dynaudio Music speaker and play.
  • If you haven’t connected your Mac to your speaker via Bluetooth, see here.


  • Simply plug in a 3.5 mm mini-jack cable in your Dynaudio Music speaker and Mac to play.

Optical (Music 5 and 7)

  • Use an optical miniplug <-> optical toslink cable and plug in toslink in your Dynaudio Music speaker and miniplug in your Mac to play. Please make sure your Mac has a combined analog/optical 3.5mm port. Macs from early 2016 and onwards does not have optical an output.