Dynaudio Unheard: day two

Seven artists, ten hours, one rain shower. Here’s a round-up from our live pop-up recording studio’s second day at Denmark’s Smukfest music festival.


Even a passing shower didn’t dampen spirits on day two of Dynaudio Unheard, the professional recording studio we’ve set up at the jumping KærligHeden Mark 1 campsite at this year’s Smukfest music festival.

Monday saw seven acts don the headphones and, under the guidance of award-winning producer Ashley Shepherd, get a free 30-minute recording session in front of festival-goers.


The line-up

Solo singer-songwriter Zaina Jouret opened the proceedings. She was raised in a musical family and settled on the guitar (after a brief dalliance with the accordion), and has been trying to break through in the business for some time. And now she’s on her way, thanks in part to Denmark’s She Can Play community – a programme designed to give something back to young female artists. Her emotive, mellow, soulful style was the perfect start to the day.


Third up, Alcabean raised eyebrows (and smiles) with their infectiously catchy, road-trip-worthy rock. They’re currently getting some pretty serious international recognition – and we can see why. “Energetic” is a particularly apt description…

Next was the turn of 2nd Strike – a captivating synth-and-drums duo from up the road in Aalborg. They chose to work on multiple takes of one poppy, electronic, prog-style track. Their session, their rules… and they nailed it.

Jazzy Norwegian singer Liive’s performance was as quirky and toe-tappingly addictive as it was impeccably melodic. Her synth-infused folky flavours turned heads, and had the assembled audience clamouring for more…

Simone Tang’s past work has mostly flown under the radar in the form of soundtracks to Danish and foreign films, but she’s now breaking through under her own name with a heartfelt, soulful and funky take on 80’s singalong pop. An encore was called for… and given.

Nordnordnord closed the evening with an eyebrow-raisingly intense, atmospheric and anthemic set. Melodic and synth-heavy, this six-piece band is no stranger to the melancholy – or to huge-scale power… with shades of sigur rós and Haunted Shores coming through, they’re a musical force – even in a soundproof room.

On Tuesday we’ll feature Bathsheba, Maddy, ELO, The Vice, Agnes, Hottub, Rýk and another performance from the fantastic Zaina Jouret. Temperatures here in Denmark are set to go north of 30ºC – but we guarantee it’ll be red-hot at KærligHeden…

For videos, visit our YouTube channel.


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