Xeo 30 - the future of high quality music reproduction

"Should anyone ask us in the upcoming months how the future of high-quality music reproduction might look like, we can tell them with a clear conscience: It’s already here."

WELL DONE: that’s exactly what the caption of Stereo Magazine’s latest review on our Xeo range says. Describing the light-weighted joy of unwrapping, setting up the speakers in no time and hearing the first few sounds, the review covers the entire customer experience.
Their highlights: Integrated amplifier, Bluetooth options and no strings attached - everything works wirelessly!

Read the entire review here.

“Each Xeo 30 is equipped with a power amplifier trio, that has been adjusted to now deliver 65 watts per chassis, which is altogether 45 watts more than the predictor had.“

“The completely strapless plug’n’ play function of the new Xeos is the central and probably also coolest feature that distinguished the newer generation from older models.“

Daydreaming?! No way: “As soon as it notices incoming signals, it is back within seconds - this even works via Bluetooth, which is very rare.“

“We attribute a large party of Xeo’s characteristic musicality, which is one of its unmistakable qualities, to the fact that it does not require a phase-inverting filter.“

"Instead of the crossover, the 30 has an, now even faster, DSP, whose cording has been optimized and purified to (…) guarantee extraordinary timing.“