The Music 5 is pure beauty

The Italian GQ has tested the Dynaudio Music 5 for its Hi Tech gadget section and found that superior sound quality can be paired with a beautiful design. Read our favourite - and translated - quotes below.

"Music 5 is beautiful to look at, but you wouldn't expect anything less from the classic Nordic design tradition. Here, we are faced with angular and geometric lines, inspired by origami and traditional Chinese sails, so it is not designed to blend in with your furniture. On the contrary, it makes an excellent figure and is able to fill the rooms alone."

"The result is really good: the speaker has plenty of bass, and reproduces all frequencies without any problems. In addition it is ultra-connected: you can activate streaming via WiFi, aptX Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay or connect your iPhone with the USB port or the 3.5 mm jack that allows you to connect even older products. But its real strength is that after the initial synchronization, you just press a button to listen to your favorite music."