Amazona reviews Core Sub

Amazona's Alex Ritt digs deep, as he investigates Core Sub...!

The review is in German, but we have translated the key takeaways, and if you read German or rely on an auto-translation, you can read the full review here...

"Due to the high power reserves, there is never even a hint of saturation, which benefits the impulse behaviour in particular. No unwanted compression, no squeezing, nothing. Instead, you are almost in the PA sector, where you can also clearly feel the physical perception of the very low frequencies. Instruments like the bass, deep pads or the universally referenced kick are given a completely new dimension in the mix.

(...) With the Dynaudio Core Sub, the Danish manufacturer has reached the end of the flagpole in terms of sound. It is difficult to identify a weak point in the system with the massive accumulation of excellent points such as impulse behaviour, headroom, processing and concept.

(...) Even the ambitious price is in a very good relationship to the value delivered. If you are willing to play “the big woofer dragging” for an afternoon with the help of a good friend, you will receive in return a massive collection of all the positive properties that a subwoofer in the high end area has to offer."