For over 45 years, Dynaudio has been making hand-crafted high-end loudspeakers for living rooms and home cinemas. Since the  beginning, in 1977, we have strived to create iconic products rooted in our love of music and film – reproducing exactly what the artist intended. Nothing more, nothing less.

Our passive home speakers span the gamut from the entry-level Emit to the range-topping Confidence series. And because they’re all developed in-house at Dynaudio Labs in Denmark, they’re able to share the same technologies, techniques and expert ears. Hand-crafted cabinets, cutting- edge acoustic technology and astonishing performance.


The next generation of digital high-end loudspeakers.
No amplifier. No speaker cables. No compromise.


Dynaudio Magazine

Dynaudio Magazine is our universe of sound and music-related articles, videos, and podcasts, covering everything from loudspeakers and technology to extraordinary people, and our very best tips and tricks.

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Boiling voice coils? Is it possible?

Boiling voice coils? Is it possible?

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Why are bass ports on the back of speakers?

Why are bass ports on the back of speakers?

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Why does sound travel through walls?

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