So good it makes you question your choices

It’s safe to say that our Focus 60 XDs made an impression on Australian Audio Esoterica… After auditioning them, the seasoned reviewer, Tony Morgan, even questions why you’d ever want anything different. Read our favourite quotes from the stunning review below:

In fact the Focus 60 XDs are so fabulously good-sounding all-round that you’d be mad not to question why you’d bother buying a pair of passive speakers.

I found the clarity of the sound issuing from the 60 XDs to be jaw-droopingly good… and that’s across the entire frequency spectrum … there simply isn’t a weak link anywhere.

As for the articulation of the Dynaudio’s, it’s simply exceptional… I was awed by the 60 XDs’ presentation of Simone Dinnerstein’s performance of Bach’s French Suite no. 5 in G major as performed live on her album ‘The Berlin Concert.’

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