It’s miracle – recommended for your heart and your ears

AUDIO magazine puts the Dynaudio Evoke 50 through the paces, and finds a pair of excellent floorstanders. We've collected some of our favourite quotes from the review here.

"We already praised the Evoke 20 in last Audio 11/2019. Now we go some levels higher to the Evoke 50. What impressed us from the very first moment: The cabinet finish couldn’t be nicer, satin-smooth wood, extended legs with spikes. Combined with the almost iconic appearance of the woofers. A sensitive design for a reason: This loudspeakers has been shaped by a woman. Designer Louise B Dalgaard led the team on the right course."

"The very first notes already caught us. A combination of high-resolution and silky-smooth at the same time. This is what you can only get from a Dynaudio."

"Homogeneous, balanced, delicate – ideal for longer listening sessions."

"This is one of the most homogeneous and musical loudspeakers you can get in this price class. Always completely in balance. It’s a miracle – recommended for your heart and your ears."

"It only takes a few notes, and you only want to indulge yourself, and hope that this moment in life is forever."

"And in addition, a most beautiful cabinet finish. Dynaudio stays true to its aesthetics – this loudspeaker will have a long live."