You’ll forget all about time

Audio Test Magazine from Germany has had its hands on the Contour 30. And, the magazine is pretty happy about them: “We fell in love.” We have chosen our favourite quotes from the review and translated them to English so that you can enjoy them as well.

- “We fell in love. With two pieces of pure audio gold which have enchanted us in our listening room for weeks.“

“Since the beginning, Dynaudio intended to reproduce the music as naturally as possible, just as the musician intended, and quite often they have set milestones. The new Contour performs this art on a new level: Natural, vivid, dynamic, precise in imaging - and all of that below 8.000 Euro. This is the grand theatre, this is the big screen.“

- “With Boris Blank’s ‘Electrified,’ the Contour reproduces all shades of the sound spectrum, it reproduces the wide stereo effects beautifully yet concise, and it always remains natural and sovereign without ever coming even near its performance limits.“

“We listened to Rebecca Pidgeon’s debut album ‘The Raven’. We are pampered with a finely picked guitar, sentimental strings and Pidgeon’s voice sounding like notes made from the smoothest chocolate. The Contour reproduces the intimate character of this song masterfully.“

“We finished with Kurt Masur’s interpretation of Mahler’s 9th Symphony. The Contour seems to be made for this, a tender and smooth fade-out marks our farewell in this review - a magnificent final from a magnificent pair of speakers.“

“It will be hard to stand out from the Contour; the listening sessions over the last few weeks were pretty extensive, enjoyable and even brought back long forgotten songs from our listening repertoire. The Contour seduces with music; it has the potential to make one addicted - and then there’s even another level of this with the larger Contour 60.“

“Everyone who listens to the Contour forgets about time. And this is clearly the ultimate compliment you can give to a loudspeaker.“

In addition to all of the praise, Audio Test also gave the Contour 30 a 95.5% rating which puts these mid-sized floor standers in the magazine’s ‘Reference Class.’ If you master the German language and want to read the full review, just click below.

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