Special Forty - AUDIO TEST

The German hi-fi magazine, Audio Test, reviews the Dynaudio Special Forty anniversary speakers; falling in love with the stunning performance. We’ve collected our favourite quotes from the German review, translated them and shared them below:

Sound gold from Denmark – Happy Birthday Dynaudio! The jubilee model Special Forty is our loudspeaker of the year.

The Special Forty pampers us with an exact room depth and near-perfect dynamics. A song is projected heart-warming and emotional; for example playing a Cello with precision and resolution. I’m a Cello player myself so I really know when a Cello sounds like a Cello.

It sounds as if they can look into someone’s heart. We are speechless. We can’t help but fall in love with the Special Forty.

While the 40th anniversary special model is discreet on the outside, inside this isn’t only state-of-the-art, it’s also into-your-heart. For us this is clearly the new reference in the compact speaker upper class.

If you’re comfortable with German, you can click here and find a link to purchase the full Special Forty review in Audio Test.