Focus 30 XD - AUDIO TEST

Earlier this year, March to be exact, we released a new firmware update to the Focus XD series (together with a new name and colour scheme). With the updated, upgraded firmware offers improved quality, more fine-tuning when it comes to room correction, and all the other tweaks and fettles our engineers have applied. Now, the first review of the Focus 30 XD is here thanks to the German magazine, Audio Test. We have collected our favourite quotes from the wonderful review below. Enjoy.

Dead-easy and intuitive in use. This speaker makes complex technology and year of research extremely useful. There’s no need for a pre-amp or power-amp. Simply connect the music player to the speaker – that’s how the loudspeaker of the future feels like.

What we’re talking about here is re-defining the way we use hi-fi and high-end audio systems.

The clarity of voices is enormous, and the sound is exceptionally solid and lifelike. This first impression is emphasized in Adele’s “Hello”. The voice sounds airy, her breathing is audible beautifully, which creates an intimate atmosphere just with her voice. Just like Adele whispering in our ears.

Everything seems to indicate that the Dynaudio Focus 30 XD is not, like so many attention-seekers, designed for maximum output level or added warmth, but instead for highest music reproduction, finest details, resolution and accuracy.

But these speakers also have a remarkable depth, a bass down to the deep end which is really enjoyable.

With the Focus 30 XD Dynaudio leads us into the sound world of the Here and Now.

It’s like the step from Polaroid to DSLR camera.

Another nice detail, which we accounted with one extra point in the final results, is the really good packaging and its materials. This not only means that the customer receives the speakers clean and safe at home, but it also reflects the quality awareness of the manufacturer.

In the end, Audio Test gives the Focus 30 XD an impressive 94% score.