Xeo 2 - Audiostream

The compact wireless Xeo 2s continue to audition around the world. Now, Audiostream has looked at our most convenient loudspeaker to date.




Audiostream’s reviewer, Michael Lavorgna, meticulously walks through the Xeo 2 and explains it in detail to readers, before he adventures into the musical audition; testing a variety of music such as Laura Gibson’s Empire Builder and Kendrick Lamar’s untitled unmastered to which he comments:.  

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“They are detailed, not too much though, they throw out a solid and separate-from-the-speakers sound image, and overall music has a nice full feel. 

“The Xeo 2s handled everything without breaking a sweat—bass is fit and full, there's a nice meaty sound to the meat of music, and highs are nice and shimmery where called for. No etch, no glare, and no wimpy sound.”

Being a big fan of ‘simple’, Michael Lavorgna, also highlights the Xeo 2’s convenience several times, and he is especially satisfied with the simplicity of the Bluetooth connection:   

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“Bluetooth pairing is a snap—just press and hold the +/- buttons on top of either speaker for a second or two and the status LED blinks white meaning ready for pairing. I used my iPhone to connect and was playing music from the Bandcamp app in less than a minute.“