Emit M10 - CNET

In a New York City Hi-Fi Shop, Steve Guttenberg heard something he really liked: an insanely great speaker for tiny rooms.

Steve has owned and auditioned many Dynaudio speakers, but he still wasn't quite expecting the level of sound reproduction from the Emit M10s:


”The Emit M10s unfurled a wall-to-wall soundstage with great depth as I played Brian Eno's new album, "The Ship." The first track is a rambling, ambient trip, with a churning low bass foundation that I could hardly believe was coming from speakers as small as these. I was so totally sucked into Eno's slow-motion vortex of sound and texture that I forgot that I was listening to the Emit M10s; I was lost in the music,” Steve Guttenberg in CNET. 

You can find the full mini-review of the Emit M10 here