"A wireless speaker for the most discerning audiophiles."

Let that linger for a minute: “A wireless speaker for the most discerning audiophiles”. That’s how CNET’s writer, Steve Guttenberg, starts his brand new review of the Xeo 2.




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Having come across the Xeo series before, Steve wanted to spend ‘quality listening time’ with our newest addition to the wireless range of Xeo speakers. So, Steve visited In Living Stereo in New York City to have a listen:

“… Cliff Martinez’s terrific "Neon Demon" album amply demonstrated the speakers' deep bass prowess. Not only that, Martinez's synth's palpable textures and crisp dynamics reached far beyond what you'd expect from a speaker this small. The soundstage was sharply focused, big, wide and deep. As I played tune after tune the sound was consistently precise and neutral.”




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Steve Guttenberg was especially impressed with the Xeo 2’s transparency, which was far beyond anything he had ever heard in the same category, and emphasized that the Xeo 2s were definitely not reserved for background listening, but all types of listening ending his review with:

“Again and again the Dynaudio Xeo 2 proved itself to be the sort of speaker a seasoned audiophile could love, and I can't say that about any other brand's wireless speakers. Granted, some play louder, and make more bass, but if you crave transparency and an accurate tonal balance the Xeo 2 is tough to beat." 

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