Confidently stealing the limelight on FIDELITY magazine's cover

The latest print issue of the German magazine FIDELITY is featuring the smallest of our new Confidence range on their cover: Confidence 20

And the first impressions prove that little ripples make big waves. Make sure you grab a copy and read for yourself.

"Dynamics and timing are so good that I listened to the whole song 'Take Five' until the very end – something that hasn't happened in a long time."

"Jazz and Chamber music are presented on a stage which reaches wonderfully deep, yet is also well defined within the cabinet edges."

"An early Decca Digital recording naturally has its own hardness, and it's audible – yet it soon becomes irrelevant because the complete array of trumpets and drums has such an energy that you simply have a first-row concert hall experience."

 "Rarely, have I heard the full potential of all instruments so clearly.”

"Dynaudio's youngest speaker impresses with a superb quality finish which you should expect at this price, but it’s not always the case in this market."