Confidence 20 - Stereopluss

Our Confidence 20 makes an impression at Stereopluss in Norway, earning a five-star "especially recommended" distinction. The sheer size of the sound of the speakers, relative to their actual size is an aspect that impresses in particular:

"The quality with which these speakers deliver bass is utterly beyond. I don't think a single audiophile sat blindfolded in my listening room would have guessed that he or she was listening to a stand-mounted speaker."

"As impressive as the bass is, it wasn't what actually made my jaw drop when I fired the speakers up for the first time. It was the openness with which they played. If the goal was increased resolution, then Dynaudio has definitely succeeded. There is such a transparency in the sound that even this humble hi-fi journalist was left gaping."

"There are many good reasons why you wouldn't want bulky floorstander speakers. The Dynaudio Confidence 20 standmounters are one of the best reasons I've heard so far."

You can read the review in its entirety (in Norwegian) via the Source button below.