Confidence 50 - Audiograde

Audiograde's Andrew Simpson waxes lyrical about Confidence 50, praising in particular their ability to "take the listener into the performance (...)" Andrew also issued an "Editor's Pick" distinction. You can read his full review via the Source button below.

"(...) the Dynaudios’ delivery is simply stunning."

"The way the percussion is conjured centre stage while the looping slide guitar and strings escape my room’s boundaries to extend from well beyond my rear wall and soar far above my ceiling is utterly convincing."

"(...) Confidence 50 is in many ways the ultimate expressions of Dynaudio’s craft with how natural, unforced and pure the music sounds (...) vocals are presented with such realism it’s as though I’m taken beyond the studio recording and into the studio itself (...)"

"Bass notes sound just as satisfying, with the Dyns reaching down to their claimed 35Hz with layers of texture in every note as they land with levels of authority and control few domestic speakers I’ve heard come close to mustering."

"There are few domestic loudspeakers in existence with the imaging and sound-staging abilities of the Confidence 50. And what also makes them such an ultimate package is how they’ve been voiced and engineered for real world listening and enjoyment."