Confidence 50 - STEREO Magazine

Confidence 50 receives a superb new audit in Germany’s STEREO Magazine 11/2019.

Renowned HiFi reviewer Matthias Böde has tested Dynaudio products for over 30 years, but this review truly outshines.

Buckle your seatbelt, you're in for a ride.

"There’s no Dynaudio like this one before. Listening pleasure as always, but the new Confidence seriously shakes up our benchmarks."

"There seem to be qualities which are independent of the size of the speaker, because to some extent we already heard similar qualities in the brand-new Evoke speakers. If this more intense musicality is indeed Dynaudio’s new guiding theme, then the competitors better get prepared."

"The new Esotar3 is smooth as butter, delicate, yet also powerful, without even the slightest artificial sheen, and it completely disappears within the outstanding overall performance of the Confidence 50. It aims to be one of the best tweeter on this planet."

"For example Maria Phil's song 'Malvina'. I have heard a hundred times before, but the Confidence's image is three-dimensional, with a perfect balance of the blissfully rolling bass and a precise, rich and authentic voice with wavering synth effects. These Danes drive the song so effortlessly, it truly moves your soul. That is something the more distant sounding Confidence C2 and C4 couldn’t do as well."

"What already became obvious in the Evoke is now verified in the most wonderful way: Dynaudio makes a big leap forward by keeping their good virtues and adding a big portion of passion, completing this great Dane. Exquisite, natural sound, completely in balance."

"Everywhere you look, you’ll see first-class quality finish and no-compromise details. Beginning with the immaculate cabinet, available in 5 finishes, it continues with hidden yet sound-important connectors by WBT Nextgen, and goes beyond the new plinth system."

"What was the old company slogan again? Danes don’t lie, exactly. The Confidence 50 underlines that. It plays what’s there and can be regarded as a benchmark in its class."