Confidence 60 - JDBBS

JDBBS describes Confidence 60 as a "benchmark" in its thorough review of our flagship speaker.

"Confidence信心旗舰 60 适合更偏向年轻人向的超级发烧友。虽然Confidence信心旗舰 60 取消了老丹拿的大音圈低音喇叭单元,但是长冲程音盆设计搭配更大的超高级纯钕磁体,同样有着另一般低频乐趣。同时在声音表现上,已经超越了原来Confidence 4的水准。是21世纪20年代Hi-End级发烧音响的参考性产品
The Confidence 60 flagship model with the new long-throw woofer design and larger, high-grade neodymium magnets still offers a unique low-frequency experience, despite having done away with Dynaudio's traditional large voice coil bass driver. In fact, it has surpassed the sound performance standards set by the original Confidence 4, and stands as a benchmark High End audiophile product in the 2020s.

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Dynaudio Confidence 60 - Ruby Wood High Gloss-2