Dynaudio Contour 20 - AVHub

The Australian Audio Visual hub, AvHub, which comprises some of Australia's leading hifi magazines has reviewed the compact Contour 20 loudspeakers. Below we have selected some of our favourite quotes from the review for you to enjoy.

"Each note strike of the drum appeared in its own particular place above the plane of the speakers. The bass, guitar and voice were arrayed between them, the drums above them. And slightly forward, in front of the plane of the speakers. It was exciting and entrancing."

"This kind of pricing is certainly high for any speakers, let alone those that need a stand. Yet we’re confident that regardless of size, regardless even of brand, you will not find better sound quality for the price than that available from the Dynaudio Contour 20 speakers."

You can click here to find AvHub's full review of the compact Contour 20 loudspeakers.