Contour 20i - hi-fi+

Contour i's smallest speaker, the elegant 20i standmounter has hi-fi+'s Chris Kelly well and truly won over, evident from his in-depth review of the speaker:

"Sometimes I am asked about which loudspeakers are good for this genre of music, or that genre. The Contour 20is simply do not care what you play through them, because they will faithfully yet dynamically turn whatever signal they are fed into the best version of itself."

"Details matter to [Dynaudio], and that shines through in their products. But all that would count for nothing unless they sounded fantastic, and these Contour 20is tick that box with a golden tick."

"They can be as exciting or as relaxing as your musical choices demand, and however long your listening session lasts you will find yourself utterly engrossed, just as I was."

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