Contour 30 loudspeaker review - Absolut Spitzenklasse

One of the most popular German Hi-Fi Magazines, Stereoplay, has reviewed the mid-sized Contour 30 – and it’s safe to say they were impressed: 62/65 points and a ‘Stereoplay Highlight’ title.




The review is written by Chief Editor Malte Ruhnke who described his experience reviewing the Contour 30 with one superlative after another. We have translated our favorite quotes from this most welcomed review:

“…wonderfully precise… as if during development an active speaker with controlled bass has served as the benchmark. Not a hint of sluggishness in the fully composed sound projection. Piano notes drop like pearls, while the drum kit was given space to breathe in a very wide, yet realistically deep presentation.”

“The 30 was showing a hint of audiophile beauty with Eva Cassidy: The voice stood deep in the room, clear like a bell, without any fading.”

“Most impressive: The Dynaudio kept its unbelievable transparency and holographic projection at all volume levels.”

“And anyway the speaker turns out to be a versatile audiophile speaker with no weaknesses in sight: It performs any musical style, and while being overall transparent it can also play hearty and deep.”

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Conclusively, Stereoplay and Malte Ruhnke rewards the Contour 30 with an outstanding 62/65 points and the ‘Stereoplay Highlight’ label. The original review is in German, but if you are a bit of linguist, you can download Stereoplay’s full review as a PDF right here