Contour S 1.4 LE in HI-FI Choice

HI-FI Choice's Andrew Simpson auditions the standmount loudspeaker, Contour S 1.4 LE and discovers “why the lure of the Dynaudio’s updated Contour standmount is more than skin deep”. He rewards the Contour’s allure with five out of five stars and a HI-FI Choice Recommended Badge. You can read the entire review via the Source button below.

But what describes the latest member of the legendary Contour family? In short, it is a refined and upgraded speaker with technologies filtered down from what we learned from our Evidence and Confidence development projects: technologies that do the ‘Limited Edition’ moniker justice.

“The mighty piano slams kick in with unflinching authority, while the resonating ring in the sustain also highlights the delicate subtle tones of the instrument, showcasing how the speaker can make the music sound grand but graceful within the same note. This sense of bringing out the scale of the music without compromising its finer detail is also etched into the percussion, which sounds crisp, punchy and nicely imaged while being possessed with such density that I’m pinned to my listening seat, completely enraptured in the performance.”

This is achieved through several upgrades in the Contour’s hardware: Dynaudio soft dome tweeters with Precision Coating that provide fine, detailed high frequencies, and internal wiring that uses high-quality OFC copper cables. In the crossover, the Contour uses special ceramic resistors and high-quality capacitors that provide an exceptionally pure and refined music reproductions. The woofers include our best technologies such as MSP cones, lightweight aluminium wire voice coils on Kapton forms, and rigid low resonance die-cast aluminium baskets.

In conclusion, these technologies come together to create a loudspeaker with a dynamic sound and outstanding imaging capabilities according to the review: a loudspeaker Andrew Simpson found worthy of 5 stars and the HI-FI Choice Recommended Badge to which he finishes:

“With an exceptionally dynamic and full bodied performance that retains a smooth and controlled nature, Dynaudio has crafted a standmount loudspeaker of class-leading quality”.