Contour S 3.4 LE speaker review

The Contour has been auditioned many times. Fortunately, that does not stop reviewers from taking their own shot at this legendary speaker. hi-finews took a crack at the Contour S 3.4 LE and it did not disappoint.

The latest member of the Contour family has been refined and upgraded compared to its predecessors without the ‘Limited Edition’ moniker: upgraded with technologies filtered down from our Evidence and Confidence development projects.

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Internally, the new Contour S LE has Dynaudio soft dome tweeters with Precision Coating that reproduce detail high frequencies and its wiring uses high-quality OFC copper cables. In the crossover, we have used special ceramic resistors and high-quality capacitors that provide an exceptionally pure and refined music experience. 

“In its latest guise, this thoroughly-engineered two-way loudspeaker is smooth and seamless from top to bottom, with a combination of sweetness and inviting detail that will just have you happily playing record after record in any chosen music genre. Outstanding!”

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This thorough review in hi-finews continues to praise the Contour S 3.4 with an 86% Sound Quality rating and rewards the speaker with an ‘Outstanding Product’ Badge

“Overall, the neutrality of the speaker made it possible to turn this track up to a realistic level – to the point where we began to imagine there actually was a full-sized grand piano behind the curtains of the Editor’s listening room”

Download: Full Contour S 3.4 LE review in hi-finews

We are very proud to receive such an extraordinary review – especially for our legendary Contour speakers. You can download the full review from the link above. Enjoy!