Bonedo reviews Core 47

The German online magazine, Bonedo, has reviewed our compact three-way monitor Core 47. And as with Core 7, they found only pros - no cons!

The review is in German, but we have translated their conclusion:

"The sound is analytical with high resolution and offers a precise and wide stereo image. This 'small box' plays very loud and also quite deep. The bass is tight, in part due to the massive headroom of the power amps. The IRR filters are cleverly designed and provide plenty of pragmatic fine-tuning options.

dynaudio-core-47-front-horizontal-right (1)


The price is perfectly adequate for the quality they offer, especially since Dynaudio products are characterised by their ability to go on for years and years. The only question left is: is it really possibly that there is an even larger version available?" 

(Felix Klostermann, Bonedo)

We can answer that last question, of course. And yes, there is a bigger brother - Core 59! 

Read the full review (in German) here...