Core 59 - Recording Magazine

"Initially, I was surprised by how pleasant the Core 59 was on my ears, in a very literal sense. They are highly detailed, and all but devoid of the typical piercing brightness common to many studio monitors.

In describing Core 59 sonics, the word I keep returning to is dry. Not just me though—when mastering engineer Justin Perkins stopped by to check them out, completely unprompted by me, dry was the descriptive term he used as well!

The Core 59 sound is exceptionally even from top to bottom. There is zero hype going on across the entire spectrum. No bloated bass, no forward mids, and zero top-end push masquerading as detail.

From whisper-quiet levels to their exceptionally loud limits, the sound and tone of the Core 59 does not change—it just gets louder or softer. The full details are always there. Because of this and their natural top end, ear fatigue needn’t enter the conversation.

The sweet spot of the Core 59 is also unique—not in its obvious width, but more in a lack of obvious width. I could move freely around my room while enjoying a coherent image—I never felt like I was in a bad spot.

If there’s one thing to be aware of, it’s that these are seriously detailed mix tools, and not merely ‘hey look at me’ client pleasers with room rattling lows or overly juicy top end. While the bass doesn’t rumble the room like a subwoofer, it is very detailed, and on paper extends down to 17Hz. I could hear bass frequencies in great detail, and even though I could not feel them, I could mix them."

The Core 59 offers extreme precision and detail in one of the most full and neutral ways I have ever experienced in a studio monitor. It’s a dry sound—if you like your speakers ‘exciting’ the Core 59 might come with a bit of a learning curve. But once you learn to believe and trust the stories these speakers tell, you’ll be surprised by how well your mixes translate—and it will be your mixes that sound exciting."

(Paul Vnuk Jr., Recording Magazine)

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