Digital Audio Review auditions Xeo 2

The online publication Digital Audio Review (now Darko Audio) has road tested the Dynaudio Xeo 2 loudspeakers – a review filled to the brim with praise.




“Don’t mistake the Xeo 2’s more agreeable size for weakness – these speakers can play loud without obvious signs of cone break up.” 

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In previous reviews, the Xeo 2s have been praised for their willingness to cooperate with TVs – a symbiosis that John Darko, the man behind DAR, quickly identifies as well:

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”This is where the mini Dynaudios really come into their own, especially when fed from a TV’s optical output. Voices really pop! That’s especially useful for the often mumbled dialogue of the Netflix hosted The Tunnel, the BBC’s Anglo-French adaptation of Scandinavia’s The Bridge; but also when spinning something like Prince’s nursery rhyming “Starfish and Coffee”. It’s this midrange jump factor that forms the core of the Xeo 2’s sonic personality.”




”Hats off to Dynaudio for bringing consumer niceties as well as good looks to a downright fantastic sounding pair of active loudspeakers.”

We can strongly recommend that you go read this well-written review on DAR: Punch a higher floor with the Dynaudio Xeo 2

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