HiFi+ Contour 30: “This is all the loudspeaker you’ll ever need.”

The review by HiFi+ pinpoints what Dynaudio did right – a lot. It not only praises Dynaudio’s love for precision and consistency throughout products, but also highlights all the details of Contour 30 that make it such a remarkable home speaker. Check out our favourite quotes below:

“The joy of the Contour 30 is it is perfectly designed to work precisely where it should work: in mid-sized rooms.”

“In fact, what this does is ‘right size’ music to your room. In the process, it makes both the room and the speaker disappear.”

“I like the fact the company didn’t just sign off the design, but updated it.”

“Dynaudio is clearly on something of a roll at the moment. The remarkable Special Forty is one of the best standmounts you can buy, and the Contour 30 extends that ‘wow factor’ to floorstanders.”

Grab a copy of their magazine and check out the full review 😉

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