Dynaudio Emit M10 | HiFi Choice | Absolutely pitch-perfect

Shoutout to our little ones. HiFi Choice just granted another “Recommend”- badge to Dynaudio’s EMIT M10 two-way standmount speakers. Besides a big compliment to Dynaudio’s silk soft dome tweeters, nicely titled “the pleasure dome”, the review applauses the sound performance, especially speed and subtlety.

Our favourite quotes:

“the fabric dome is king and Dynaudio is rightly proud of its tweeters.”

“Dynaudio’s Emit M10 is a smart, well-finished box with nicely chambered edges.”

“The tweeter deserves special mention. Named D280, it’s a derivative of the D260 used in speakers from much further up the Dynaudio food chain.”

“M10 takes the virtues of a superbly realised large speaker and downscales them to work optimally with a smaller box”

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