”The Future of Reproduced Sound in the Home”

In Greg Borrowman’s mind, the Focus 600 XDs are an own goal. Why? Because they are right up t​here with some of the best-sounding speakers we have ever made in his mind. This brilliant review no only praises the Focus 600 XD, but it also lead to the coronation as Active Loudspeaker of the Year 2016 by Sound + Image.

“I found the clarity of the sound issuing from the 600XDs to be jaw-droppingly good… and that’s across the entire frequency spectrum… there simply isn’t a weak link anywhere,

“The bass is almost bottomlessly deep and can deliver anything from the sledgehammer-like impact of an aggressive kick drum to the subtle caress of a viola with equal authority and with unparalleled accuracy,” Audio Esoterica

“Take a good look at the Dynaudio Focus 600XDs, because they represent the future of reproduced sound in the home,” Audio Esoterica.