The multi solution speaker

The Australian blog reviews our Music 1 speaker and pairs it with its bigger brother Music 3 to test its multi-room functionality.

"The sound produced by the Dynaudio Music 1 is ridiculous. By that I mean ridiculously good. Yes, it truly belies its size. The tonal balance is sensible and tuneful."

Reviewer Thomas also took it upon himself to test our "DSP tricks" and measured the bass output at various levels just to confirm his listening experience.

"I’m pretty sure that the level of bass is adjusted depending on playback level. That way the Dynaudio Music 1 doesn’t over drive things, which would simply produce distortion and may do damage. But at low to moderate levels, it keeps bass in balance."

An 8-hour battery life, an all-in-one app solution and the multiple connection possibilities, such as AUX, USB or wireless Bluetooth, WiFi and AirPlay also provide the perfect conditions for a multi-room setup.

With the help of our Dynaudio Music app, Thomas created a stereo pair setup, by dragging two models of our Music line into their virtual stereo positions. The speakers then automatically adjust to their new positions.

"I particularly liked the stereo setup … Dynaudio is unusual in allowing two different speaker models to be stereo-paired. But it speaks to their quality that they did a quite good job in stereo mode, despite being somewhat different."

His final words:

"Dynaudio makes first class speakers. And apparently that extends even to its compact, smart lineup. I love Dynaudio speaker sound."

Feel free to check out the full review here.
And while you’re at it, you might want to peak into his Music 3 review, too.

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