Music 5 - i-fidelity

The German online magazine i-fidelity reviews the Music 5 leaving a top rating. Convenience, multi-room function and effortless usability convince on top of the remarkable sound performance and volume: “It truly sounds like stereo”. Our “All-in-one” speaker genuinely is ALL in ONE! Read our favourite quotes below.

"The fact that the sound quality is among the best I ever heard from an all-in-one-loudspeaker wasn’t really a surprise, considering the Dynaudio reputation. But this was still the strongest reason for the Music 5.”

“The gripping bass had substance, and even hefty drums and toms impressed with weight and authority. The sound performance remained completely free from audible distortion or any other impurity.”

“The sound was effortless, dynamic, airy and transparent, and not even close to being a compromised lifestyle product. At the end of the day it simply pays out when the manufacturer of a lifestyle product has its roots in loudspeaker engineering.”

"Dynaudio has gone for a rather brave individual styling: With a facet-like structure similar to a diamond shape the brand’s typical more edgy design is reflected, but much more playful. The colourful, stronger cloth creates a wonderful contrast to the aluminium frame.”

Read the full review here.