Classy and chic: Dynaudio Music

Frankfurter Allgemeine reviews the Dynaudio Music 7, emphasizing its good looks and impressive craftsmanship. Below, you'll find selected quotes and a link to the full review in German.

- "The Danish design looks classy and chic, the workmanship is extremely high-quality."

- "We didn’t want to get up from the sofa during this time. The sound of the Music 7 is simply too good." 

- "Music 7 brings out the subtleties, differentiate between bass nuances. Even the – actually unfavourable – position in the living room right under the TV in the corner of the room doesn’t cause the Dynaudio any problems. The Danes have also integrated a room correction feature allowing the software to corrects the sound accordingly." 

You can find the full Dynaudio Music 7 review in Frankfurter Allgemeine here.