Fairaudio's Favourite Award 2019

One of Germany's largest online audio magazines, fairaudio, votes Dynaudio's Music 7 their favourite in 2019.

Each year, the Fairaudio Favourite Award rewards the "best of test", highlighting "the products which impressed us the most from all reviews over the past year". We're proud to announce that this year, our wireless home speaker Music 7 brought the trophy home.

The jury's verdict: "We reviewed the top model from the new Music series and were seriously surprised how composed the sound is. High level of detail, a natural midrange and a cultivated bass all blend hand-in-hand in the Dynaudio Music 7."

Check out some of our favourite quotes from their review earlier this year.

"The high-frequencies had air and finesse I never ever heard from any other one-box-system."

"For me this is by far the most audiophile one-box-system, and a benchmark for all competitors."

"Apart from the convincing sound performance, other highlights are the beautiful appearance, the intuitive use, and the added intelligence from the Dynaudio Music App."

If you're fluent in German, check out their award news here.