“The leaders of wireless speakers”

The Taiwanese audio forum audionet.com releases a detailed comparison and analysis of the Xeo range throughout the years, with special focus on the Xeo20.

While testing multiple songs from various genres via Bluetooth or direct input, the overall results show that Dynaudio’s Xeos are still among the leading speakers in the wireless product market. We translated some of our favourite quotes for you.

Read the full review here (you might need to translate it into your desired language though…)

“The Xeo 20 should be the most comprehensive Bluetooth speakers I’ve ever had.(...) After many generations of development, it has been said to be perfect."

 “The Xeo series uses DSP split, and independent amplifier drive which greatly enhances the overall sound purity.”

“The low-frequency shock is even more amazing than the previous Bluetooth play, as if you can feel the dancers in front. The strength of the lame is as real.”