Special Forty does it again: best standmount speaker £2000+

The Dynaudio Special Forty speakers defend their title as the best standmount speakers above £2000, continuing the winning streak to three years in a row.

Here are a few quotes from the original review, which you can read in its entirety via the Source button below:

  • - "How do the Fortys sound? We keep coming back to three words in our notes: confident, muscular and subtle."

  • - "They’re also magnificently detailed, digging out the low-level acoustic clues that define a recording venue with ease. This resolution is apparent whatever genre of music we play."

  • - "The Special Fortys are easy speakers to underestimate. They’re not an overtly cutting-edge design using the latest in high-tech materials, nor are they styled to stand out in a crowd. But once we start listening none of that matters. We’re far too busy having fun."