Xeo 10 - What Hi-Fi?

It's never easy to follow in your older siblings footsteps - especially when your sibling is a multi-award-winning product - but that's exactly what the Dynaudio Xeo 10 has managed to do with a stellar 5 of 5 stars review in What Hi-Fi. Here are our favourite quotes:

- "They have the same spirit as their predecessors – namely, a do-it-all attitude that’s confident with every element of delivering music – but it’s level of clarity and scale that really stands out."

- "Nothing trips them up. These speakers time well, keeping up with the song’s funky rhythms and charge through the tune with an energy that’s infectious and endlessly listenable. The sound is agile and speedy; the tonal balance even. The leading edges of notes are clean and precise, but never sound clinical."

- "In fact, we have so much fun listening to the Xeo 10s that we forget that we’ve been streaming songs over Bluetooth for most of the time. Wireless is usually a compromise, but the Xeo 10s’ Bluetooth presentation enjoys a sophistication that is unrivalled in most other audio products."

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