Another home run for lifestyle-friendly hi fi systems

Our two-way wireless standmount loudspeaker Xeo 20 wins yet another Hi-Fi Choice Recommended Badge.

Praising the active speaker movement, the author points out the mere convenience of having a compact, whole-in-one speaker. No clutter, but a smart, integrated system with features, such as flexibly choosing master and slave speakers and having three settings for wall, corner and free space placement that truly take the performance of an active speaker to a new level. 

Find the entire review here. 

Get carried away by some of our favourite quotes.

"If ever there was a perfect example of win-win for the hi-fi shopper, the Xeo 20 is surely it."

"It means that after years of being largely overlooked, (…) the undeniable upsides of active transducer tech, firmly established in the pro sector, are finally finding favour in the home."

"Hearing finer degrees of subtlety and nuance, hearing things for the first time – both are well-worn hi-fi clichés. But I’ve seldom auditioned a two-way standmount where such descriptions have seemed more spookily apt."

"It’s as if you really are getting an accurate earful of what the recording engineer heard at the mixing desk and with all the imaging solidity and temporal veracity that implies."