Xeo 30 - STEREO

... and according to one of the leading hi-fi magazines in Germany, STEREO, that future is the new Dynaudio Xeo 30. In a review stuffed with praise, reviewer Carsten Barnbeck, finishes by throwing an "Outstanding" label at the speakers and giving them five out of five stars. Below you can find our favourite quotes and a link to purchase the full review in STEREO.

"Should anyone over the next months ask us what the future of listening to music will be like, we can honestly say: It’s already here."

"With the new models, the Dynaudio Xeo concept reaches its climax – fantastic usability, intuitive operation, great finish and superb sound performance. Fantastic!"

"Less than two minutes after unpacking, music was already playing, and also the sound was highly enjoyable from the very first second."

"They provide a substantial bass foundation and shift powerful deep waves into the listening room, yet always with structure and grip."

"Thanks to Dynaudio’s trademark timing and precision the performance has plenty of excitement and kick."

"Dynaudio's seemingly discrete facelift actually moves Xeo up to another quality level."

The German-based STEREO magazine is written in ... well, German. But if you're not too shabby when it comes to foreign languages you can purchase a copy of STEREO magazine online here for full access to its brand-new Dynaudio Xeo 30 review.

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