"Outstanding" - Dynaudio's Xeo 10

Another fantastic review by Germany's AUDIO TEST praises the Xeo 10 with a price/performance ratio of 10/10 and a solid "Outstanding" verdict.

"If anyone gets fooled by the small size of the Xeo 10, don't forget who we are talking about: Once again, Dynaudio shows that size isn’t everything and presents a true artist of sound."

"Our first music piece 'I Keep Forgetting' by David Bowie already left us speechless in our demo room. The sound image surrounds the listening seat."

"A lot of carefulness and dedication in the quiet moments, as well as plenty of courage with powerful sounds, the Xeo 10 delivers an impressive performance -  We’re blown away!"

"The balanced tonal spectrum and the imaging give the impression of a much more substantial speaker. Thank you, Dynaudio!"

We say thank you, as well.