Emit 10 - hi-fi+

The smallest member of the Emit family appears to have won hi-fi+'s Alan Sircom's overwhelming approval. His summary says it all.

"Dynaudio’s Emit range threw down a gauntlet to its rivals, and the Emit 10 reinforces that challenge thanks to a sound quality that never, ever points to this being an entry-level loudspeaker. With the Emit 10 Dynaudio has done it again, by offering an affordable loudspeaker that’s been carefully packaged to ensure the quality is there where it counts. You are getting what should be a higher priced product but presented in a modern looking (and highly convincing) vinyl wrapped cabinet to bring you more actual speaker for your money. The Emit 10’s musical delivery is smooth, detailed and with an articulation that makes these more versatile than many bookshelf rivals. C’mon, other brands... at least try and compete with the Emit 10!"

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