Emit 30 - Pursuit Perfect System

Terry Ellis, hi-fi calibration specialist and loudspeaker reviewer/aficionado tested a pair of Emit 30. You can see the whole video review below or read a transcript thereof via the Source button. Enjoy!

"This was a hell of a strong first impression and one I was certainly not expecting."

"(...) how the Emit 30 delivered the bass scale, shocked me to my core. The 5 ½ inch drivers were working very hard but they were able to produce a bass that was big, impactful, and remarkably composed, to a level that stunned me. Not a subwoofer-like amount of bass, but for a speaker of this size and cost, the bass in this track was a jaw dropper in terms of its quantity, with a real quality, nice and tight articulate bass."

"The soundstage of the Emit 30 is also very impressive, with some excellent three-dimensional sounds within certain music, by that I mean music elements coming out towards me or out into the room, however, with other music they were going away from me, sounding noticeably behind the speakers. Both experiences were very convincing, much more convincing than I expected."

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