Australian Hi-Fi Magazine tests the Emit M30 Floor-standers

In the previous months, the M10 and M20 have stolen the limelight in the Emit series with stellar reviews in What Hi-Fi?. Now the tables have turned on the compact speakers; it’s time for the larger floor-standing M30 to shine.

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In the September/October issue of Australian Hi-Fi Magazine, writers Jess Roden and Steve Holding put the M30 through both subjective and laboratory testing to find out what the speaker is all about.

“If you’re one of those audiophiles who likes the ‘close your eyes and you’re there’ experience, the Dynaudio Emit M30s deliver this in spades, across all genres,” Jess Roden in Australian Hi-Fi Magazine

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“On this album you can hear not only the tonality of her voice but also the uncanny accuracy of the Dynaudio Emit M30’s imaging, delivering not only stage width but also stage height and stage depth,” Jess Roden in Australian Hi-Fi Magazine.

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