Evoke 20 - Pursuit Perfect System

Pursuit Perfect System's Terry Ellis put Evoke 20 to the test as part of a massive group test comparing similarly-priced and spec'd stand-mount speakers. Check out his impressions in the video below.

"The Evoke 20s are designed to make music engaging, to make it lively, to make it big and bold-sounding. To make it fun."

"It's a more forward type of presentation in the main, that wants your attention and will get it. The kind of presentation that makes you want to turn the volume up and up."

"The bass is outstanding because it's big, full and rounded (...) this is so impressive when it's done this well coming from a standmount speaker."

"(...) a big scale of sound (...) the treble and the way that it's presented helps to extend the sound from the speakers to be quite a bit above them and gives very good width to the sound stage too."

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