Evoke 20 - Hi-Files

Serbian Hi-Files magazine reviews Evoke 20 and has some very nice things to say – which we will happily share with you.

Comparing the new series to its popular processor Focus XD, Evoke truly makes an impressive follow-up in the middle-class speaker range.

Some of Hi-Files’ favourite aspects cover the timeless and Dynaudio-typical design, cabinet quality, driver technology (highlighting the new Cerotar) and overall sound performance
– exceeding all expectations at this price point.

Check out some of our favourite (translated) quotes:

"Evoke 20 offered us very clean, yet layered tones with pronounced texture and clear acoustic design. It's shown impeccably perfect dynamics and tone separation."

"Concerning sound, it's clear that Evoke 20 outperforms in all fields – impressive what Dynaudio managed to do with keeping it at this price."

"It’s hard to find the lower bottom of the spectrum – Evoke 20 goes very deep and massive basses (…) can be heard, but also felt in the stomach."

"You can power up to 180 watts per channel, which represents a fairly high value – indicating that Evoke 20 will not rebel when connected to a stronger amplifier."

"In terms of design, the new Evoke series presents a true contemporary classic, which will look just as good for several decades."