Redefining high fidelity

French HiFi magazine Haute fidelite reviews Evoke 30 and honours it with its popular “Meilleur achat – Haute Fidelite” award.

Their highlights include the trickle-down technology from top-of-range Confidence series, especially the new tweeter Cerotar, and the lifetime value of sophisticated hi-fi speakers for little money.

"Dynaudio struck again ..."

If you're fluent in French, make sure you grab a copy.

And don't forget to soak up some of these romantic quotes:

"The great novelty of Evoke 30 is that it’s completely new! Dynaudio has revisited its technical design and speakers in an approach that always excels and aims to make the brand even more accessible to the greatest number."

"The Danish perform with great credibility and fidelity."

"Despite their modest size, the midrange bass units manage to reconcile a fairly firm, powerful bass."

"The tonal beauty of the medium is obvious – no surprise with Dynaudio. (…) The Cerotar dome carries it out smoothly, in complete relaxation and in perfect harmony."

"The quality of the finish is high level, it fits well with the new speakers of this Evoke series."

"Compact and slender, displaying Scandinavian elegance without any visual superfluity."

"The Evoke range redefines the high fidelity speaker – suited to your living-room, your office, your room and your home cinema."