Evoke 30 in

The German magazine image hifi has reviewed Evoke 30 in their first issue in 2020 and is blown away. But let the quotes speak for themselves...

"The first impressions are audiophile maturity and a distinct liveliness. After several hours of running-in, they improve even more in effortlessness and smooth overall balance."

"Even when playing all the instruments of a big Crescendo, the Evoke keeps their overview and a composure which is unbelievable for their small size."
"Not glossing anything over, yet still remaining well-mannered. Honest, yet with tolerance, thanks to a fine polishing of the sound. That’s Dynaudio’s recipe to play records which normally have to be locked away."
"The tapered cabinet sides reduce standing soundwaves, and give the Evoke 30 a very livingroom-friendly flair."
"The dynamic potential compared to the cone size can only be called sensational."
"Of course, for the same money there are some bigger speakers with even wider dynamics, but I don’t know any speaker which offers the lively naturalness and long-term listenability of the Evoke 30."

Read more about the "wake-up call from Jupiter" in their magazine.