"A clear statement from the North"

Evoke 30 made an appearance on the cover of STEREO magazine. The first review for this member of our Evoke family and we’re thrilled about the outcome.

Reviewer Matthias Böde highlights the “generously sized sound stage” and interplay of drivers and cabinet design. And the 4-star rating and an “excellent” stamp really don’t hurt either.

Thank you, Matthias!

"Honestly, I wouldn't have believed that the Danes could still surprise me after all these years. But that's exactly what happened."

"Until now I firmly believed that the Evoke 10 is the hero of this duo, but now I'm but so sure anymore. Because the Evoke 30 not only takes over the highly audiophile character of its compact sister and completes it, but also grows out of its own appearance."

"A generously sized sound stage, perfectly ordered and detached from the speaker cabinet."

"Profound and sustainable bass, natural mids and smooth, clear heights."