Evoke 50 - HiFi.nl

We’re beyond thrilled about this incredibly detailed review on our Evoke 50 by hifi.nl.

It not only covers a thorough analysis and comparison of every single technical aspect of Evoke to our previous and other models, but also includes positioning and speaker placement advice and long listening sessions. This one has it all. Evoke 50 convinced with its transparent and spatial sound, innovative technology, the beautiful high-quality finishes, and a relatively simple load for amplifiers. 
We had to translate the text from Dutch, but to be fair, we think the vivid quotes say it all.


Read the full review here.

We hope you’re ready to get carried away:

"The Evoke series, if I take this top model as a benchmark, is a more than worthy successor to the Focus series. Of course, it has some big shoes to fill, but from the first demonstrations with early production samples it was clear that Dynaudio has something very special in mind with this series."

"I was almost literally blown away by a tiny Dynaudio Evoke 10 at a hi-fi trade fair at the end of last year and when I applied for testing the Evoke 50, a certain expectation formed within me. I know that something like that can be dangerous for a hi-fi reviewer, because what if it's disappointing? But Evoke 50 exceeded my premonition."

"Voices had body, which made the "being there" sensation a lot bigger. Jacques Brel sang his "Jojo" for me alone."

"The Evoke 50 soon turned out to be a loudspeaker that sounds bigger than it really is in all respects. The spatial representation was of an unbelievably high level, even when there was no tuning with sliding and turning. The Cerotar tweeters with the Hexis dome, in combination with the beautiful mid-toner, gave a very generous and audible spatial image far beyond the speakers."

"The Cerotar (strontium carbonate and ferrite + ceramic) tweeter in the Evoke series is a perfect example of how trickle down technology works."